The Forgotten Colour

Log Line

In a dystopian world where a lack of nature has caused a deficiency in colour vision, a man named Dan discovers a cure to this disease thanks to an old book. Now he is faced with a life changing decision.

Our Exploration as a Team (Four People)

  1. Time management
  2. Renting set (truck container)
  3. Renting and borrowing equipment
  4. Adobe Premiere editing skills
  5. Green screen
  6. reshooting when necessary
Figure 1: This is an example of the two point lighting that we used to manage the shadows which affects the mood of the film.

Our Tasks


The main role of lighting besides making the target visible is to create shadows which will help to establish the mood as well as the three dimensional feeling to the film, preventing it from being perceived as flat moving images.

Figure 2: Through editing, we were able to rotoscope the main character and create visual effects.


Editing is a crucial procedure in producing film because not only does it connect the film together, it will remove unnecessary parks and can create visual effects. Even if the film is shot poorly, which was not the case for this production, editing can elevate a film allowing it to surpass even the best footage shot from the most expensive cameras.

shooting location
Figure 3: The majority of the film was shot inside a truck container.


The majority of the film was shot inside a truck container. We had to borrow a generator to provide electricity for our lights as power outlets were not accessible. Once the doors of the truck container is closed, it is pitch black so large lighting kits were a requirement for this film to be possible. We carefully planned the shooting date so the weather is nice and we will have access to the lights and the generator.


Final Video.

Download Files

Milestone Presentation Slides (complete version lost) PDF

Script PDF

Original Soundtrack MP3