Data Visualization


The goal of this project is to showcase which type of park gets the most visitors to the target audience being the civil engineers, urban planners and government leaders. This final visualization shows the park location of each park on a map with category indications, relationship of gas prices to the number of park visits, the total visitors per park type, the percentage of national parks that are a particular type, the mean visitors for each park type, the population of the United States annually, and the foreign inbound visitors to the United States annually. By doing so, this will help our target audience answer the questions regarding, which types of parks have the highest mean value of visitors and which type of parks is the rarest. The map will also showcase which regions have the most national parks.

Our Exploration as a Team (Two People)

  1. Javascript working with mutable and promises
  2. D3 and Vegalite libraries
  3. Using Observable
  4. Working with csv datasets with Excel and Tableau


Please play the demo video.